The Soccer tournament was one of the activities aimed at promoting peaceful coexistence amongst the communities from the conservancies, Skills/talents development, networking and exposure among the three communities, awareness creation on importance of conservation education and conservancy ownership.

On 3 rd February 2018, Northern Rangelands Trust education team, Lewa Conservation Officer and the conservancy management teams, held a soccer tournament amongst the children from Shurr, Jaldesa and Songa conservancy schools hosted by Bubisa primary school in Marsabit County-Shurr Community Conservancy.

The conservancy management’s teams previously made a choice of the school(s) to play from their respective conservancy. Hence, the number of schools that participated was four because the host conservancy-selected players from two neighboring schools that were hosting the event. The teams comprises of three teams for girls and three for boys. Bubisa primary school, Cavallera primary school, Songa primary school, Lagdima primary school

The soccer tournament for boys and girls ran concurrently in two adjacent fields with a lot of cheering from the respective conservancy school(s). The children had a great day interacting, bonding and sharing with one another both at the field – (playing and cheering) and during mealtime, identifying with one another, making friends; – A pupil from Songa carrying uniform for a Lagdima pupil was very impressing.

Immediately after the match, we went round the field collecting litters with the children and teaching them the importance of keeping our environment clean by proper disposal of waste material after which we assembled at the assembly ground to reward the teams and individual pupils according to their performances. Every player received a T-shirt, best team a trophy and two footballs that went to Songa conservancy, second team a trophy and a football went to Shurr conservancy and the third was Jaldesa taking home two footballs. The individual players identified with outstanding skills/talents rewarded with a mathematical set and a clipboard.

In addition, we incorporated various topics including, peaceful coexistence amongst the communities, Skills development by learning from one another, benefits of conservation work and conservancy ownership, Good discipline and hard work in school, Importance of keeping our environment clean, Career choices.

Lessons on conservation, peace and cohesion

The Lewa Wildlife Conservation Officer who is a specialist in the field of conservation taught the children and teachers the beauty of conservation work, its benefits and careers opportunities available in the field.

The tournament was very successful and had a real impact in bringing positive changes towards conservation education, skills discovery and peaceful coexistence amongst the Marsabit children and community at large.