Lewa Annual Impact Report 2016

Lewa continues to offer a safe have to endangered species that roam northern Kenya, while pioneering strategic development across the landscape. Read their annual impact report 2016 here. http://www.lewa.org/fileadmin/user/pdf/Lewa_2016_Impact_Report_03.pdf

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NRT Post: What’s happening in Marsabit?

Mt. Marsabit National Park is a forested oasis that sits to the east of the Chalbi Desert, just 140km south of the Ethiopian border. It is an important water tower for the arid landscape below, and is the northern limit of the north Kenya’s elephant migration route. In 2013, the Rendille, Gabbra and Borana communities living around the mountain approached NRT for assistance in forming three community conservancies. With support from the French development agency’s FFEM programme, Shurr, Jaldesa and Songa Conservancies were formed. They joined Melako Community Conservancy as part of the newly formed NRT North East, lead by regional director Emmanuel Kochale. To read more link to http://www.nrt-kenya.org/news-list/2017/4/7/whats-happening-in-marsabit?rq=marsabit

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